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Evolutionists’ Confusion over   Mutations and Information Put   to Rest — Lee   Spetner rebuts   more misinformed and easily   demolished 'refutations'.
Not Enough Time for evolution.
  Lee Spetner explains the failure
  of Wilf & Ewens to make a
  cogent case.
Evolution as Creation Myth   Several thoughtful questions for   teachers & students (and every   one else, for that matter).
Biology relies on Evolution?   A myth belied by university-   level texts & course content.
Ashby Camp’s ever-growing   list of 1544 web articles—the   cream of the crop—supporting   creation & challenging   evolution.

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T he TrueOrigin Archive comprises an intellectually honest  response to what in fairness can only be described as  evolutionism—the doctrine of strict philosophical naturalism as a necessary presupposition in matters of science history (i.e., origins).  This doctrine is abundantly evident in much material advocating the Neo-Darwinian macro-evolution origins model, including—but not limited to—the “Talk.Origins” newsgroup and the “Talk.Origins Archive” website.

Advocates of evolutionary theory practice evolutionism when they routinely invoke (and dogmatically defend) naturalistic and humanistic philosophical presuppositions, and arbitrarily apply those presuppositions to their interpretation of the available empirical data.  This fact (which many of them zealously deny) severely erodes evolutionists’ credibility, and effectively disqualifies them from any claim to objectivity in matters concerning origins and science, though much material is published by evolutionists under the pretense that it is the product only of purely objective and unprejudiced scientific inquiry.

The contributions posted at this site give some expression to the “other side”—dispelling the two most popular myths perpetuated by most advocates of evolutionism, namely:

1. The myth that the Neo-Darwinian macro-evolution belief system—as heavily popularized by today’s self-appointed “science experts,” the popular media, academia, and certain government agencies—finds “overwhelming” or even merely unequivocal support in the data of empirical science
2. The myth that the alternative—biblical creation—somehow fails to find any compelling, corroborative support in the same data

The question of origins is plainly a matter of science history—not the domain of applied science.  Contrary to the unilateral denials of many evolutionists, one’s worldview does indeed play heavily on one’s interpretation of scientific data, a phenomenon that is magnified in matters concerning origins, where neither repeatability, nor observation, nor measurement—the three immutable elements of the scientific method—may be employed.  Many proponents of evolutionism nevertheless persist in claiming exclusive “scientific” status for their popularized beliefs, while heaping out-of-hand dismissal and derision upon all doubters, spurning the very advice of Darwin himself.

This site is one answer to such unreasonable—and unscientific—practices...

    “Talk.Origins Archive” Rebuttals
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    Guest Articles on Related Topics
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  • An Old Earth is the Heart of Evolution (Jonathan F. Henry)—documents the arbitrary assumption of an old earth as a vital premise to every facet of evolutionary thought.
  • Assessing Creationist Stratigraphy (Carl Froede & John Reed)—uses evidence from the Gulf of Mexico to examine various approaches to stratigraphy within the creation model.
  • Geology and the Young Earth (Tas Walker)—answers several popular arguments raised against a young earth—even by so-called ‘Bible-believing’ bibliosceptics.
  • The Geologic Column: Does It Exist? (John Woodmorappe)—examines the credibility of the much-publicized “geologic column” (and why it always seems to look bigger in print!).
  • Ghost Craters in the Sky (Helen Fryman)—Lunar “geology” falls far short of supporting evolutionists’ belief in a 4.5 billion year old moon. (Condensed from a 1998 presentation by Dr. Danny Faulkner.)
  • The Dating Game (David Plaisted)—examines the facts behind radiometric (& other) dating methods cited by evolutionists to “prove” their million-year scenarios.
  • National Geographic joins the Dating Game (John Woodmorappe)— documents the popular-level periodical’s most recent effort to blur the distinction between science and evolutionary dogma.
    Book Reviews & Bibliographies
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      EVOLUTIONISTS’ Books Reviewed
  • New  Mutilating Miller (John Woodmorappe & Jonathan Sarfati)—a review of Kenneth Miller's failed attempt to marry evolution and Christianity (originally published and copyright by Creation Ministries International).
  • Climbing Mount Improbable (Jonathan Sarfati)—examines Richard Dawkins’ book defending the probability of evolution.
  • Up a River Without a Paddle (Raymond Bohlin)—takes a close look at Richard Dawkins’ book “River Out of Eden.”
  • Tower Babble (T. Wallace)—response to Eugenie Scott’s review of Robert Pennock’s book, Tower of Babel: The Evidence against the New Creationism.
      NON-EVOLUTIONISTS’ Books Reviewed
  • Not By Chance (Carl Wieland)—review of biophysicist Lee Spetner’s book of the same title.
  • Not By Chance (Hansruedi Stutz)—review of biophysicist Lee Spetner’s book of the same title. (German text)
  • Genesis Questioned (Jonathan Sarfati)—reviews Hugh Ross’s latest published effort at placing erroneous “science” above infallible Scripture.
  • The Battle of Beginnings (Carl Wieland)—review of Del Ratzsch’s book analyzing the evolution/creation issue for Christians.
      CREATIONISTS’ Books Reviewed
  • The Answers Book (T. Wallace)—review of the new & improved book in which Ham, Sarfati, Wieland, and Batten relate the biblical record to empirical science in connection with ‘the 20 most-asked questions’ on the subject.
  • Creation Compromises (T. Wallace)—review of Dr. Bert Thompson’s book thoroughly documenting—and refuting—misguided efforts at compromising biblical integrity with unsubstantiated claims of “science”.
  • The Biotic Message (Don Batten)—a review of Walter ReMine’s book claiming the unity in biology and the pattern of diversity defies any consistent naturalistic explanation.
  • Creation Evangelism for the New Millennium (T. Wallace)—review of Ken Ham’s newest statement on the importance of a literal Genesis to Christian doctrine & evangelism.
  • Refuting Evolution (T. Wallace)—review of Dr. Sarfati’s response to the National Academy of Sciences’ book that advocates the teaching of evolution exclusively as “science” in the classroom.
  • Slaughter of the Dissidents (D. Coolidge)—review of Dr. Jerry Bergman's thorough treatment of the co-opting of mainstream "science" by the dogmatism of philosophical naturalism, and the resulting discrimation against the many who don't toe the religious line.
  • Bibliographies of selected non-evolutionist print publications dealing with origins-related matters for those interested in further reading off-line.
    Creationists Answer Their Detractors
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    Alleged Challenges to Biblical Creation
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  • Gamma Photons take 1 million years to reach the surface of the sun as visible light photons (answer by Jorge Fernandez).
  • The Sun's 'Age' is 5 billion years, based on its chemical composition (answer by Jorge Fernandez).
  • Impact Craters pose a variety of alleged challenges to the biblical Creation model (answer by Jorge Fernandez).
    Beyond the Limits of Science
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  • The Law of God (a.k.a. the “Ten Commandments”). A friendly reminder of our personal, individual guiltiness of sin before a holy God, apart from Whose mercy in the cross of Jesus Christ there is no hope.
  • Nine Ways to Know that the Gospel of Christ is True (John Piper)—some “food for thought” for inquiring minds with a hunger for objective meaning in life.
    Feedback & On-Line Resources
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  • Feedback from Readers (positive, negative and in-between) accompanied by responses, where appropriate.
  • TrueOrigin Discussion a strictly unofficial Yahoo Groups “discussion community” focusing on the contents of this site.
  • Related Links on origins-related matters (without evolutionist bias) selected for those interested in further reading on-line.
  • 1544 Web-Based Articles—some of the best material supportive of the biblical creationary model, carefully selected and categorized by Ashby Camp.
  • Glossary of Terms often used (sometimes misused and abused) in discussions and documents relating to the origins debate.

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