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Behe Responds

To Various Critics

Michael Behe, Discovery Institute
© 2000 Michael Behe.  Originally published at the Discovery Institute’s website.
All Rights Reserved.  Used by Permission. 

Note: Though Behe is not a creationist, this response to criticism is provided here for the benefit of those considering the questionable nature of today’s mainstream evolutionary paradigm.
Michael Behe, after the publication of his book Darwin’s Black Box, has come under consistent and intense fire from numerous critics within the so-called “scientific community,” who seem to have made it a high priority to discredit Behe’s arguments.

In the documents below are Dr. Behe’s detailed responses to several of these critics, aptly answering their various objections.  While every article is well worth a reading, the last item (“Correspondence w/ Science Journals”) is particularly telling, considering so many evolutionist’s arbitrary, blanket denials of pro-evolution prejudice within the peer-review editorial infrastructure.

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