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Selected Materials in Print Devoid of the Tired
Presuppositions of Naturalistic Philosophy

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Contrary to the fact-free caricature of the creationary viewpoint popularized by evolution’s proponents, a substantial—and growing—body of literature stands in support of the creationary model.  The continued domination of well-known scientific institutions, publishers, and periodicals by dogmatic evolutionists has yielded anything but a level playing field for science writers who don’t subscribe to the prevailing naturalistic-materialistic worldview.  Nevertheless, the advantage once held by this ideological intolerance, and bigotry-driven censorship continues to be steadily eroded as free-thinkers challenge evolutionary dogma via empirically sound articulations of non-Darwinian alternatives.

The effectiveness of this literature may well be measured in the steady flow of derision coming from philosophical naturalists (many of them credentialed “scientists”), whose counter-arguments typically relate more to philosophical ideology and politics than to empirical science, including their frequent use of fact-free, simplistic ‘boilerplate’ generalizations (e.g., ‘no genuine scientist denies evolution...’ or ‘the overwhelimng evidence favors evolution...’, etc.).


Two concise, but thorough, creationary bibliographies exist, from Eric Blievernicht and Henry Morris, Ph.D., respectively.  Below is a representative—but by no means exhaustive—list of recommended suggestions for further reading, most of which can be purchased in the U.S. through the Creation Research Society, the Institute for Creation Research, and Answers in Genesis—the last of which also trades on a nearly worldwide basis:

Popular-Level Resources

Readers looking for less technical treatments of science from a creationary perspective might like to begin with the following, which are just a general sampling of what is available:

Creation Magazine
A full-color, monthly publication packed with articles and news items from the world of science.  The writers (many of them PhDs) address a wide variety of science issues.  Also covered are recent happenings in the world of science (offering a creationary response to dogmatic evolutionary interpretations where necessary).  Each issue includes a section for younger children, explaining one or more aspects of the creationary model in terms they can more easily understand.  The balance of the magazine is written at a middle-school-to-adult level, occasionally with a somewhat technical article or two.

Acts & Facts and Back to Genesis
Two monthly popular-level publications from the Institute for Creation Research, addressing current trends in popular science or popular science philosophy, and relating the empirical data of science to the biblical creation model.  Many past issues may be read at the ICR website (above), where subscriptions may also be requested.

Selected Books
Each of the following books offers a fairly balanced presentation of at least some aspect of the creationary paradigm, or model, of origins.  All are written, at least in part, by Ph.D. scientists.  The list begins with general and/or early overviews and moves toward somewhat more specialized and/or recent offerings.


Batten, Don, Editor The Answers Book [0-949906-23-9]
(Brisbane, Australia: Creation Ministries International, 1999)

Morris, Henry M., ed., Scientific Creationism [0-89052-003-2]
(Green Forest, AR: Master Books, 1985)

Morris, Henry M. and Gary E. Parker, What is Creation Science? [0-89051-081-4]
(El Cajon, CA: Institute for Creation Research, 1987)

Wilder-Smith, A. E., Man’s Origin, Man’s Destiny [0-87123-356-8]
(Wheaton, IL: Harold Shaw Co., 1968)

Technical Resources

Readers looking for more detailed and technical content will find the following of interest:

Journal of Creation
[Formerly Creation Ex Nihilo Technical Journal (CENTJ)]

A full-color, peer-reviewed journal published quarterly and managed by an editorial staff comprised almost entirely of experienced PhD scientists, “TJ” features content mostly ranging from somewhat technical to very technical.  Most contributors subscribe to the creationary paradigm, though an essential aspect of the peer-review process allows for occasional letters and articles of criticism from other viewpoints.  The articles and book reviews are invariably well-documented, and cover the full spectrum of science topics from the biblical creationary perspective.  Rebuttals often appear in letters and columns, providing a thought-provoking exchange of ideas.

Creation Research Society Quarterly (CRSQ)
A quarterly journal, managed by an editorial staff comprised mainly of experienced PhD scientists.  Though published continuously for the past 37 years, CRSQ remains unfamiliar to most of evolution’s most vocal proponents, who nevertheless often pretend to know both the measure and the caliber of scholarship and intellect behind the creationary model.  CRSQ spans the full range of science topics, usually in a technical context, often with a significant focus on geology.  Book reviews also appear regularly, as well as occasional peer criticisms.

Selected Books


Sarfati, Jonathan, Refuting Evolution [0-890512-58-2]
(Brisbane, Australia: Creation Ministries International, 1999)

Woodmorappe, John, Studies in Flood Geology [0-932766-54-4]
(El Cajon, CA: Institute for Creation Research, 1993)

Woodmorappe, John, Noah’s Ark: A Feasibility Study [0-932766-41-2]
(El Cajon, CA: Institute for Creation Research, 1996)

Woodmorappe, John, The Mythology of Modern Dating Methods [0-932766-57-9]  (El Cajon, CA: Institute for Creation Research, 1999)

Wilder-Smith, A. E., Scientific Alternative to Neo-Darwinian Evolutionary Theory [9-99213-967-6]  (Costa Mesa, CA: TWFT Publishers, 1987)

Whitcomb, John C. and Henry Morris, The Genesis Flood [0-87552-338-2]
(Philadelphia: Presbyterian and Reformed Publishing Co., 1964)

Roth, Ariel A., Origins—Linking Science and Scripture [0-8280-1328-4]
(Hagarstown , MD: Review and Herals Publishing Association, 1998)

Additional Books are briefly highlighted below.

      By Non-Creationists
- Denton, M. Evolution: A Theory In Crisis Adler & Adler, Bethesda, MD., 1985. ISBN 0-917561-05-8

A general criticism of the so-called evidence for evolution, citing many of the serious problems inherent in evolutionary theory and presuppositions.
Available at Amazon.com

- Behe, M. J. Darwin’s Black Box The Free Press, New York, NY., 1996. ISBN 0-684-82754-9

A detailed and well-documented demonstration from a molecular biologist’s perspective that even the simplest organisms and biological systems cannot be adequately explained from the perspective of evolutionism. Somewhat technical in places, but well worth the time and effort for a fascinating look at some of life’s most incredible machinery — at the cellular level and below.
Available at Amazon.com

      By Creationists, with No Reference to the Biblical Record
- Johnson, Phillip E. Darwin on Trial InterVarsity Press, Downers Grove, IL., 1993. ISBN 0-8308-1324-1

An excellent critique of Darwinism, demonstrating the naturalistic philosophical presuppositions that serve as the sole basis of defending it as “science.” Johnson demonstrates excellent critical thinking (a lost art in some “intellectual” circles), as he examines the data and the question of naturalism’s assumed “right” to dominate the thinking in matters of science.
Available at Amazon.com

- Morris, H. M., and Parker, G. E. What is Creation Science? Master Books, El Cajon, CA, 1987. ISBN 0-89051-081-4

An excellent introduction to comparative analysis of evidence for evolution vs. evidence for creation, strictly from a scientific perspective.
Available at Amazon.com

- Gish, D. Evolution: The Fossils Still Say No! Institute for Creation Research, 1995. ISBN 0-89051-112-8

Critical analysis of the evolutionist claims concerning the fossil record and evolutionist beliefs. An objective reading will cast serious doubts on the heavily parroted claim that the fossil record “proves” evolution — especially since most of the very well-documented evidence to the contrary comes directly from leading experts and hands-on practitioners in paleontology, anthropology, etc.
Available at Amazon.com

- Gish, D. Creation Scientists Answer Their Critics Institute for Creation Research, 1993. ISBN 0-932766-28-5

A thoroughly documented, rational and reasonable response to many of the (often bitter) criticisms leveled at creation scientists in recent years, plainly documenting and exposing the weaknesses, absurdities, and outright deceptions embodied in much evolutionist thinking.
Available at Amazon.com

- Stutz, H. Die Millionen fehlen Schwengeler-Verlag, CH-9442 Berneck, 1996. ISBN 3-85666-171-9

(German language) A detailed study of the many scientific evidences calling into question the notion of multi-billion-year ages often postulated and (perhaps more often) popularly assumed to be correct in modern views of the earth and the universe.

      By Creationists, with Some Reference to the Biblical Record
- Wilder-Smith, A. E. Man’s Origin, Man’s Destiny Bethany House, Minneapolis, MN. 1975. ISBN 0-87123-356-8

[Originally (German): Herkunft und Zukunft des Menschen Telos International, Hännssler-Verlag, D 7303 Neuhausen-Stuttgart / Brunnen-Verlag, Giessen u. Basel]

An in-depth, well-documented “critical survey of the principles of evolution and Christianity.” The late Dr. Wilder-Smith had a remarkable gift for conveying details and principles in an understandable way, yet with a very adequate treatment of the real science that has to do with the issues.
Available at Amazon.com

- Morris, H. M. Scientific Creationism Master Books, El Cajon, CA. 1985. ISBN 0-89052-003-2

Another excellent comparitive analysis of evidence for evolution vs. evidence for creation, this time including (separately) both scientific and Biblical perspectives.
Available at Amazon.com

- Morris, H. M. The Biblical Basis for Modern Science Baker Book House, Grand Rapids, MI. 1984. ISBN 0-8010-6178-4

An in-depth, detailed study of the history and roots of science as we know it today, demonstrating how both the general principles and the fundamental presuppositions of the various disciplines can consistenly be traced to the Biblical system of thought (or world view) in general, and the Biblical record in specific detail.
Available at Amazon.com

- Morris, H. M. The Long War Against God Baker Book House, Grand Rapids, MI. 1984. ISBN 0-8010-6275-8

A detailed and documented look at the historical roots of evolutionary thought, philosophy, and religion and its consistent opposition to the doctrines, people, and God of the historical, Biblical faith. A real eye-opener for readers who believe evolutionism (or even natural selection) originated with Darwin or his contemporaries, dispensing with the superficial notion that the debate is one of “religion vs. science.”
Available at Amazon.com

- Gange, Robert. Origins and Destiny Origins and Destiny Word Publishing, Dallas, TX. 1986. ISBN 0-8499-0447-1

While this writer cannot endorse all of Dr. Gange’s views concerning Biblical interpretation (published elsewhere), this book provides an excellent and unique scientific perspective, using logic, and critical thinking to look at the laws and complexities of nature, and arriving at a most logical and implicit conclusion.
Available at Amazon.com

- Stott, Philip. Vital Questions Valamin, South Africa(?). 1994. ISBN 0-620-18529-5

A concise and lucid examination of a series of questions concerning modern “scientific” assumptions which are popularly portrayed as “proven facts” yet remain suspect in light of scientific analysis. Stott puts into a more humbling perspective the level of “knowledge” to which modern man presumes himself to have attained.
Available at Amazon.com

- Cuozzo, J. Buried Alive Master Books, Green Forest, AR, 1998. ISBN 0-89051-238-8

Buried Alive tells the story of Dr. Jack Cuozzo’s quest to uncover the truth of our origins.  Having studied the original Neanderthal remains in musuems around the world, Dr. Cuozzo realized that the facial shape of Neanderthal man correlates to normal age related changes of the head and face.  The extent of these changes seen in Neanderthals shows that they were normal humans who lived for hundreds of years (just as the Bible describes) and not apemen at all.

Dr. Cuozzo’s book also shows never before seen photos and x-rays which reveal that this biblical truth has been covered up.  Many skulls have been changed to appear more apelike than they actually were.  Excerpts may be read at Cuozzo’s website.
Available at Amazon.com

- Lubenow, Marvin L. Bones of Contention Baker, Grand Rapids, MI. 1992. ISBN 0-8010-5677-2

Self-described as a “creationist assessment of human fossils,” but offers much, much more in the way of clarifying the presuppositions and philosophical bias and motives of both practitioners of science and others (including many evangelicals). A readable, well documented historical accounting of paleoanthropology.
Available at Amazon.com

      By Creationists, with Mostly Reference to the Biblical Record

- Morris, H. M. Biblical Creationism Baker Book House, Grand Rapids, MI. 1993. ISBN 0-8010-6298-5

A thorough commentary, covering what each book of the Bible teaches about Creation and the Biblical Flood. An excellent (and potentially surprising) resource for Christians looking for a strictly Biblical treatment of the subject.
Available at Amazon.com

      Works on the Biblical Record, Archeology & History

- Wiseman, P. J. Ancient Records and the Structure of Genesis Thomas Nelson, Nashville 1985. ISBN 0-8407-7502-4

A compelling demonstration that the popularly-held criticisms and confusions concerning the book of Genesis are easily put to rest by the literary and historical knowledge brought to light by more current archeology. Highly recommended for the serious student (or skeptic) of the Genesis record.
Available at Amazon.com

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