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The Truth About Kansas

Documenting the propagandistic lies, and anti-Christian bigotry of
the self-described ‘Scientific Community’ and their media minions.

© 2005-2007 T. Wallace.  All Rights Reserved. 

Sin takes on new and real terrors when there seems a chance that it is going to be found out,” said Mark Twain.  The “contemporary” moral standards paraded before us every day are almost guaranteed to minimize the effect of any “terror” produced by the exposure of yet another pack of media lies.  But an on-going flood of outright dishonesty and deliberate misinformation won’t change the truth in any measure—and it hasn’t deterred some from voicing that ever so clearly.

The collection of brief articles below are for those inquiring readers wishing to see past the propagandistic lies that continue to be served up by today’s so-called “experts.”  Americans as a rule have been indoctrinated concerning the “Kansas Event” by a class of self-appointed elites comprised of the so-called “scientific community” and the popular media.

The general anti-Christian bent of the American media is no secret, so it’s no surprise that the “news” is delivered with naturalistic bias.  Anything “spiritual” is also newsworthy, as long as it lends no support to historical, biblical Christianity.  The high-priests of religion’s self-appointed “scientific” synod are the philosophical naturalists, who perceive their dominant majority among practitioners of science as an entitlement to speak in the name of science against the Living God and the Bible.

It’s only natural that they get along well with their media bedfellows:  they share the common interest of “defending the faith” against the challenge posed by any empirical scientific evidence and/or the prospect of absolute truth.  Theirs is a religion of willful ignorance and dishonesty, however, and having committed themselves many in their ranks will continue to face “new and real terrors” as the truth about their “science” and their “news” continues to be “found out.”  Find out some for yourself right here, and right now...

  Just the Facts, Please
      J. Budziszewski, World Magazine, 26 February 2000
  ABC, CBS Prejudice at Work
      John Altevogt, Kansas City Star, 7 September 1999
  PBS Prejudice at Work
      John Altevogt, Kansas City Star, 28 December 1999
  New York Times Parrots The Lie
      Timothy Wallace, TrueOrigin Archive, 4 August 2000
  Evolution Not Outlawed!
      The Answers in Genesis Press Release of 18 August 1999.
  Board’s Changes a Necessity
      Commentary by Paul Ackerman, Ph.D., Wichita State University
  Ridicule is Bad Journalism
      Jonathan Wells, in The Daily Republic, 14 October 1999
  Evolution Taught in Kansas
      Linda Holloway, Kansas City Star, 17 December, 1999

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