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Alleged Challenges:

  1. Explain the hundreds of worldwide Earth impacts from a YEC perspective. If these impacts were young we wouldn't be here! No record, no 'impact' on humanity and the development of civilization, exists.

  2. I would like to pose a question, and if any YEC can postulate a response, as to how could the Earth be so young as implied by the YEC interpretation, and still sport the number of and apparent age of so many devastating impacts on its surface.

    One further caveat: While YECs get some mileage out of the idea the universe might be old and the solar system young (a la Humphreys WHC), I really don't see any way the Moon and Earth (specifically, and Mercury, Mars, the asteroids, and rocky moons of Jupiter more generally) could possibly sport the scars they do in a young solar system.

    To make things clearer, these are very destructive events. If they occurred before the fall, that is a can of theological worms. So they did not occur before the fall.

    If they occurred after the fall but before the flood (so they can get eroded really well by the flood), REALLY? 172 impacts over 2000 years, with 6 of them creating craters >100km across and we all didn't notice (let alone survive).

    If they occurred during the flood my, my, 1 year, 172 impacts, some of them going through the miles of water to create >100 km craters. Imagine the tsunamis from those blokes! Noah's ark was theoretically tough and stable, but I doubt it was that tough!

    So we're left with they occurred after the flood. Then how did they get so eroded? How did mankind survive? How did we not notice these huge impacts?

  3. For the following impacts, please define when in the YEC timeline these impacts occurred, and whether they are before, during or after Noah's flood. Explain how these craters (and the state of the Earth (k/t boundary) came to be as they are in <=6000 years. That is, explain their state of erosion and current overlaying sediments. If pre- or post-flood, please explain how human civilization survived. If all are during the flood, the please explain how the ark survived the ensuing tsunamis (unhindered as they would be by land) and how the various sediment loads fit into the flood timeline (this will involve defining the sedimentary layers that define the flood boundaries)

    Vredefort: South Africa - 300 km
    Chicxulub: Yucatan, Mexico - 170km
    Manicouagan - Quebec, Canada - 100km
    Chesapeake Bay - Virgina, USA = 90 km
    Sudbury: Ontario Canada - 250 km
    Popigai: Russia - 100km
    Acraman - South Australia - 90 km


(by Jorge Fernandez)