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Russell Humphreys answers Various Critics

A response by Humphreys (and others) to challenges advanced against his position.
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Note:  If you don’t have Adobe Acrobat Reader (required for reading these files) it can be downloaded directly from Adobe at this link:
After publication of his book, Starlight and Time, Dr. Russell Humphreys has been the object of much criticism from both evolutionists and ostensibly Bible-believing scientists.  The files listed below contain both the criticisms and the responses, as they have appeared in the peer-reviewed science publication, Creation Ex-Nihilo Technical Journal (CENTJ).

Please note that the files are in downloadable PDF format, viewable with the Adobe Acrobat reader.  This is because many of the articles contain complex equations which would be difficult to reproduce in a web page context.

Please Note:  Several of these are large document files.  Some servers/browsers may “time-out” and terminate a .pdf file download.  For this reason, each .pdf file is also available for download slightly compressed within a .zip file for viewing from your PC.

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