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Ian Taylor responds to Don Lindsay

Mr. Taylor’s response to Mr. Lindsay’s criticism of his book,
In the Minds of Men: Darwin and the New World Order

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Background Information:

Ian Taylor is a well-travelled writer, speaker and researcher. After taking a higher level of qualification in metallurgical engineering at London University, Ian emigrated to Canada and was employed for more than 20 years in the laboratories of the Aluminium Company of Canada, one of North America’s corporate giants.

During this time Taylor specialized in metal physics, and obtained patents for high-strength armour plate and a novel process for automated production of aluminium heat exchangers.

In 1974 he was dramatically converted to Christianity, left industrial research, and went into television production, eventually becoming producer/writer of a science documentary series broadcast throughout the U.S. and Canada. Many of the programs dealt with the creation-evolution controversy.

Taylor’s next project was to spend three years researching and writing the book, In the Minds of Men: Darwin and the New World Order (TFE Publishing P.O.Box 48220, Minneapolis, MN 55433, 1984). The book fills a vital gap by relating the sciences to the humanities, and carefully documents the history of the ideas that are the foundation of the evolutionary worldview, and has become the definitive work in its field. The book is now in its sixth printing.

In November 1994 Dr. Olga Polikovskaya, at that time the Russian Deputy Minister of Education, phoned Taylor and commented:“This book [In the Minds of Men] must go into every university and high-school school in Russia.” Since then the book has been translated into Russian, and in October ’95 Taylor attended a Moscow conference at which he made a formal presentation of the book to the Russian Ministry of Education.

In 1996 Taylor was asked to be the voice of Creation Moments—a daily radio program that was at that time syndicated on 250 stations. The program is currently broadcast on over 1000 radio stations throughout the U.S., as well as stations in Canada, Puerto Rico, Moldavia and South Africa.

Since the publication of his book, Taylor has travelled thoughout North America, Russia, Romania, Moldova, the Middle East, China and Hong Kong speaking on the the scientific evidences for creation. Two other books are in preparation. During the latter part of ’99 Taylor will go into the TV studio to film a 13-part series based on his book and lectures. Taylor currently lives in Toronto, Ontario.

Taylor’s Response to Lindsay:

July 12, 1999

This is a brief reply to Don Lindsay’s critique of my book In the Minds of Men. I would first like to thank Mr. Lindsay for his diligence in finding the grammatical error on page xv; this evidently escaped my editor as did “metamorphosing” on page 105. Secondly, I want to thank him for pointing out my statement that the current estimate for the beginning of life is 2000 million years ago. This was in fact the estimate when my book was first published, but I will be happy to revise that figure to 3.87 billion years in the next edition. Actually, this will make the case stronger for a young sun; otherwise it now means that the sun’s energy output must have been exactly what it is today for 3.87 billion years rather than only 2 billion. Many people find it difficult to muster up this kind of faith.

Regarding the remaining list of what he is pleased to refer to as “mistakes in the scientific arguments”, I am tempted to dismiss this as born of arrogance rather than the open mindedness expected of true scientists. I do want to assure Mr. Lindsay that I did my homework before committing words to paper. Moreover, I submitted each chapter to experts in their field before publication. These experts incidently were not creationists nor even Christians as far as I am aware, but mostly professors at the University of Toronto. The tragedy of the Internet is that it is used by some as a license to slander, and this is the reason for my reply. I will deal with a sufficient few of his accusations, not for Mr. Lindsay’s benefit, but for the benefit of others who may wish to see that his motives are based upon his anti-God sentiments rather than upon good science.

Ian caught lying
This accusation arose from a debate I had in Winnipeg eleven or twelve years ago where my opponent was evidently sufficiently insensed that he put his version of the debate in print where it has since gone world-wide on the Net. The “lie” devolved about my statement that the British Museum withdrew their precious Archaeopteryx from Professor Hoyle’s further investigation in 1986. I happened to be in correspondence with Professor Hoyle and Dr. Lee Spetner so I knew exactly what was going on between this team and the British Museum, and could therefore speak with some authority. However, I thought it better not to divulge this confidentiality at the debate, nevertheless, I did not lie.

The frozen mammoth
My statement, “presumably tens of thousands of other frozen animals in the north ...” appears on page 99 and was the conclusion drawn from Dillow’s work and that conclusion is really a criticism of Dillow. Dale Guthrie’s book Frozen Fauna would not be published for another four years after I wrote this, and Guthrie makes it clear for the first time that only a handful of frozen creatures are complete with their soft body parts, while all the remaining hundreds of thousands exist as bones only. Fortunately, these bones and even some dinosaur bones have not mineralized, making it possible more recently to conduct DNA analysis. The results totally belie the claim that these remains must be millions of years old.

Rock flowing under pressure
Mr. Lindsay’s remarks about my statement on page 105 about fracture mechanics and so on really exemplifies his arrogance in dealing with a topic with which he is evidently not too conversant. Anyone familiar with pre-stressed concrete knows that under compressive forces solid concrete can be bent provided the internal stresses do not change from compressive to tensile. So then the geologists’ dictum that Lindsay parrots regarding rocks bending without tensile failure while under very high compressive forces, is absolutely valid all the time those compressive forces are present. And this is the point, the illustration of a syncline given on my page 104, is clearly not of bent strata under thousands of feet of compressive forces. In the same way that pre-stressed concrete will shatter when under bending stresses once the compressive force is removed, so too would those bent rocks have shattered once erosion removes the alledged upper thousands of feet of rock. Belief in erosion of this magnitude is another article of faith that may easily have doubt cast upon it by the wonderful examples of anticlines at very high peaked mountain tops showing no sign of erosion whatsoever.

No geologic column (page 103)
In the critique I received Lindsay simply states this in his list of mistakes as there are indeed many other such statements that simply serve to give the appearance of an impressive list. I need only ask how many quotes would he like of well-tenured professors of geology and even textbooks who have made written statements to the effect that the geologic column in its entirety exists nowhere on this planet?

Man evolved at four separate locations (page 141)
Lindsay has clearly missed the context of this statement which begins at the bottom of the previous page. The context concerns the Bible-believing naturalists of the nineteenth century and shows how the liberal church of today -- the Washington Episcopalian Cathedral is given as the visual example -- has emulated an outdated evolutionary view.

I think there is little need for me to pursue the tedious list of accusations, and once more thank Mr. Lindsay for those few genuine though minor errors that I will be pleased to correct in the next printing, which incidently will be the seventh and should occur towards the end of this year. I sometimes wonder how many books these self-proclaimed critics of others have actually published that gives them the necessary credibility and authority to do so?

Ian T. Taylor

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