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Submitting Feedback to TrueOrigin

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W hile feedback from readers is generally welcome, the following guidelines determine what measure of credibility your feedback submission will receive.  Feedback submissions which plainly ignore these guidelines may likewise be ignored—or publicly displayed, at the discretion of the webmaster.  Readers’ patience will be appreciated, as replies are written and posted only as time permits.

  1. NOTE:  FIRST research your topic’s existing treatment here—in the main articles, the feedback pages, Ashby Camp’s extensive list of links (use the search function as needed), and the FAQ.  Neither intellectual laziness, nor hyperbolic false accusations, nor the impulsive parroting of popular (but uncorroborated) dogma are well received here.
  2. Please endeavor to address specific matters of empirical science, theory, logic, or theology.  Science-free denunciations are a dime a dozen.  Cryptic messages and leading questions seldom receive responses.  (If you think you have something to say, just say it.)
  3. Your feedback submission constitutes permission for your comments and any subsequent correspondence to be posted at this site for all to see (choose your words carefully), and may be subject to editing for length and/or continuity (for the sake of reader friendliness).
  4. Understand that abusive, inflammatory, and willfully dishonest statements, as well as cowardly anonymity (e.g., bogus email addresses), lend no credibility to one’s position.  If you are unwilling to be personally and publicly responsible for your words (including any questionable logic, uncorroborated presuppositions, or false assumptions they may contain, whether intentional or otherwise), kindly keep them to yourself.

I have read, understood, and followed the above guidelines.
Why such restrictive "guidelines"?

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© 2024 TrueOrigin Archive.  All Rights Reserved.
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